Combutol 200 mg

Combutol 200 mg (Ethambutol)
Ethambutol is used in the prevention, treatment and recurrence (second time treatment) of tuberculosis (a serious infection caused by bacteria that affects the lungs and in certain cases other parts of the body). It is always given in combination with other antituberculosis drugs.
How it works
Ethambutol belongs to a class of anti-tuberculosis drugs. It suppresses the growth of tuberculosis causing bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). Ethambutol enters the growing bacteria and kills the bacteria by inhibiting an important enzyme arabinosyl tranferases involved in the formation of the outer protective covering of the bacteria called cell wall.

What is ethambutol?

Ethambutol is an antibiotic that prevents growth of the tuberculous bacteria in the body. Ethambutol is used to treat tuberculosis (TB), and is usually given together with at least one other tuberculosis medicine. Ethambutol may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.


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Combutol 200 mg 


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